Cloud Migration Acceleration



Cloud Migration projects are more than infrastructure and tooling platform changes. At Cloutive, we do believe that each Cloud Migration projects are "unique". We help our clients to prepare for Migration, speed up the migration process using our experience, build everything together with our Client's development team and after a successful migration, slowly leave the project.

What does Cloutive do exactly?

  • We strongly believe that most of the teams with some knowledge can migrate their workloads to the Cloud. Biggest challenge here is not ending up at Cloud environment, but using full benefits of Cloud, such as agility, cost saving, security, auto scalability, high availability etc. In order to achieve all these promises, very long and expensive learning process, try-fail cycles, experience of extensive amount of choices will be required.

Experience of Scale

  • At Cloutive Technology, we constantly help migrating different type of clients to Cloud. Almost all of our clients have different requirements, such as low cost or strong governance or high availability. Which gives us extensive experience, pros-cons of each different tools and architecture, most common road blocks during migration projects, know-how on most of the solutions on the market and of course hands on experience. And of course, we make mistakes as well, learn from them. So you don't have to make the same mistake.

People / Process / Technology

Each cloud migration consist of 3 crucial parts, even if they're not taken into consideration, they are there!
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
Cloutive asses all 3 components and bring or advise solutions for each components. Based on lots of successful migration experiences.