Any company can start a Cloud Migration Project alone. What we bring is countless migration project experience, learnings from big mistakes, technical project management skils


We have a strong statement; FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS.
We manage our clients infrastructures 24/7 with "Experienced" and "Certificated" DevOps Engineers and Solutions architects.
So your development team can focus on business


Datalake projects require deep understanding and experience not only on modern "Data Stores", "Data Processors" and "Data Algorithms", but also on "Data Infrastructures" and "Data Pipelines"
Cloutive builds "Cloud Native Data Lakes" on hosted envrionments, using open source and Cloud aware solutions, using experinece on Cloud.


We believe on importance of training from hands on, experienced trainers. Our trainings are both theoretical to capture essence of Cloud Computing but also Practical to start developing/managing your future architecture.

AWS Expertise

AWS currently provides more than 175 services. Each of them requires learning, some tweaks and design decisions. At Cloutive, we're using and experiencing different services at each project. It brings us incredible amount of experience, which is diffucult and time consuming for a company to gain internally. So we share this experince with all of our clients.

Kubernetes and Cloud Native

Even Managed Kubernetes Services like EKS, AKS, GKE require users to configure some fundamental components.
Each of these components need to be configured carefully in order to achieve High Availability. Bases on our Production and heavy load testings experience, our service helps our clients not to go through long and painful learning process.


Starting a new project with an Architectural Design will show the success at the later phases, and sometimes will make the difference between success and failure. That's why, we take Architectural Design phase very seriously and try to deliver best solution based on your priorities

IaC Obsession

At Cloutive each Infrastructure project is a software project for us. We're developers and we develop infrastructre with code, using software development best practices and maintain it with code. It's our DNA, it's our personality.

Four Eyes Principle

We develop and manage each projects with minimum 2 Engineers, each line of code goes through tough review process.
Thanks to this approach your infrastructure is protected from human mistakes.

Identical D.T.A.P. Environments

Thanks to IaC approach, all environments are identical
No more "It works at Test but doesn't work at Production" story

Cloud Provider Cost

Cloutive doesn't have a business around Clients' Cloud Cost, it automaticly forces us to reduce your cost as much as possible.
We would like to grow together with your business, not with your Cloud Cost

Operational Cost

Operational Cost is one of the biggest item on managing a software project. Thanks to our IaC approach and experience on initial design phase, we lower this cost as much as possible.

Case Studies & Testimonials


Rob Spekschoor | Strategy Lead Development

“Centralpoint selected Cloutive in our journey to move our application stack to Amazon Web Services. After an extensive period of assessments, interviews and training, we started outlining the architecture and quickly followed up with our internal development team in building and refactoring. Cloutive provided Architect, Dev(Ops) and Project Management roles which formed the core team essentials for us to lean on. To move from a more traditional virtual server colocated hosting environment to AWS public cloud using a complete new custom tailored Kubernetes application platform in eight month’s time is quite an achievement. We are satisfied with the end result and are looking forward to future collaboration.”



CIB supports companies in executing their debtor management and collecting outstanding invoices through a customer-friendly collection process.
Cloutive manages CIB AWS Infrastructure 24/7 and provides solutions in order to Develop / Deploy projects. So CIB only focuses on Business!

Aniel Raghoenandan | CTO Cibincasso

Cibincasso is using Cloutive's AWS Managed Service for AWS infrastructure management. Cloutive takes care of the Security, Availability, and Reliability of current services. They also actively advise us on new services and best practices and develop solutions. Different than other service providers, they're just one call or slack message away.
Thanks to this partnership, Cibincasso only focuses on core product development and growth.




KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 Highlights

Although it was live, almost all the talks were pre-recorded. Didn’t liked much but Presenters were online after talk for Q&A sessions...

Cloutive became Official AWS Partner

Cloutive has a strong focus on using Amazon Web Services. We constantly bring you new AWS services, development on the cloud world

Cloutive Technology becomes GITLAB Partner

Cloutive has a strong focus on using development tools at the limits and take advantage of full feature set.

As we always mention, Automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) are our main focuses, so we provide high quality and undisrupted services.

Production Ready EKS CoreDNS Configuration

CoreDNS is an open source DNS service with Kubernetes plugin for service discovery and by default it’s a DNS server for most of the Kubernetes distribution. Service discovery is actually the main motivation behind hosting a DNS server inside the Kubernetes cluster, otherwise all DNS queries would go to external DNS server.

Exposing Applications at AWS EKS and Integrating with Other AWS Services

This post summarize how to expose web applications on EKS (or self managed Kubernets) in a fully automated AWS infrastructure environment, mentioning challenges together with solutions. In order to expose an application at Kubernetes, you should create a Service, with type LoadBalancer. This method is correct and provided directly by Kubernetes...

Cloud Native Design Patterns

On a Cloud Native migration project, deciciding on the platform is not the difficult phase. We can even say, platform has almost no impact on the success of the project. People, Technology and Process are the main...




We love talking about Cloud projects, feel free to reach out to hear our stories or just to get a second opinion.