Managed Cloud
Infrastructure Service



"Managed Cloud Infrastructure Service" has been build around with one important statement; "Focus on your Business"
We manage our clients Cloud Infrastructures 24/7 with "Experienced" and "Certificated" DevOps Engineers and Solutions architects.
So you can focus on business!


  • Starts with “Investigation & Architectural Design” sessions
  • Initial output is a “Architectural Design”


  • Cloutive builds Infrastructure & Deployment pipelines (everything IaC)
  • We deploy first versions of applications together


  • Using repositories and pipelines, Development team continuously build and deploy
  • Cloutive takes full responsibility with SLA for any infrastructure problem
  • We constantly bring you new AWS services, development on the cloud world

Business Value

Keep Operational Activity Cost Low

For most of the companies, Cloud operations are the biggest cost after (if not before) the Cloud Provider cost. Thanks to design decisions and our proven low operational cost practices, we keep operational costs as low as possible.
In order to keep operational cost low, it's also important to identify root causes of high operational costs. We can count simply a couple of them like;

  • Learning things which don't contribute to business goals
  • Executing repeating tasks using human power (solving similar problems again and again)
  • Creating internal tools which somehow already exists
  • Doing mistakes and fixing them (again, not relevant with business)

At Cloutive, we help our Clients to learn quickly, take advantage of our previous mistakes, implement tools using our experience and automate everything as much as possible.

Keep Cloud Cost Low

It's a known meet that Cloud Providers are cheaper then datacenters They can be very expensice if they're not configured based on best practices and low cost focus
Cloutive doesn't have a business leveraging your AWS invoice. Instead, we focus on keeping it low in order to create budget on new projects.

Avoid Distractions

Again, focus on your business. As long as you're not in IT infrastructure business, your business won't make a difference with Network, Storage, Kubernetes compoenents etc.
Let's us make this components work for you, instead of your development team work for these components, so your development team will focus on business related topics.

Let's Try Together

AWS introduces hundreds of new services and features every year. Instead of don't touch if it works principle, Cloutive prepres a list of relevant announcements and propose start using them. And when we use a service at "Client A", we immediatly use this experience also at "Client B"

How do we work

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code is part of our DNA. Cloutive executes all projects with this approach because of advantages below;

  • Identiacal Development - Acceptance - Production environment
  • High level of governence, forced 4 eyes principle
  • Logic stays in the code(at the end at Client side), instead of Cloutive Engineers.

Automation is Everyhing

As Cloutive, we don't like repeating tasks, instead we develop and automate as much as possible. It helps both Cloutive and our Clients to avoid human errors and make tools work for us.

Security by Design

At the age of DevOps, Security also changed a lot. At Cloutive, instead of approaching Security as a topic to focus on after development/delivery, we cover it during Design, Delivery and Operations.
Some of the design principles we're following are;

  • Least privilege access
  • Encrypt at Rest and Transfer by default
  • User access management via code
  • Automated security updates
  • Isolate accounts, systems and services as much as possible


Focus on your business !